Rain and Irrigation

Clublinks has recently received questions from residents as to the irrigation on the Golf Course during the rain event that occurred earlier in November and would like to provide further insight to this action. The Bingara Gorge Golf Course forms part of the disposal area of the recycled water which is required for the Wilton Recycled Water Treatment Plant (WRWTP) to operate in a safe and sustainable manner. The turfgrasses used across the Golf Course are considered suitable and appropriate to filter out organic compounds and heavy metals, such as lead, copper and boron, from the treated recycled water.

This treated recycled water is processed by WRWTP situated in the south west corner of Bingara Gorge, prior to being supplied to residents and parks via purple piping throughout the estate.  WRWTP store the treated recycled water in a 60 Megalitre and 20 Megalitre dam respectfully, enabling residents to access this water to irrigate their lawns and gardens at their leisure. During winter and periods of intense rain, when there is little demand for treated recycled water, it is stored for future use. When there is an imbalance of demand and supply, the dams are liable to overflow.

With the intense storms and rainfall received, the decision was made to irrigate the treated recycled water over the golf course to ensure the storage dams do not surpass capacity. While every effort is made to present holes 10-18 to surpass expected standards, we need to ensure the dams do not overflow. The decision to water earlier than usual was to guarantee the most amount of water to be purged from the dams, to prevent future capacity issues.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact Clublinks.