Security at Bingara Gorge

The Bingara Gorge security service includes 24/7 monitoring of home alarm systems, a mobile patrol officer located onsite 24-hours a day/365 days a year and direct response to security calls. The home alarm systems which are linked to the 24/7 monitoring service are a standard inclusion in all Bingara Gorge homes.


  • 24/7 monitoring of home alarm systems
  • Monitor and respond to building intrusion detection systems and duress activation’s within 5 minutes of the alarm activation


  • 24/7 patrol guard and vehicle
  • Carry out personal interaction with the residents to understand and security concerns and assist where possible
  • Undertake high-visibility roving patrols of the streets, homes and assets of the community association so as to have a visible presence to discourage vandalism or unauthorised entry into the resident’s homes, new home sites and community property
  • Make scheduled patrols of interior and exterior areas of community buildings including checking of ID’s


  • Alarm servicing by a qualified contractor
  • Over the phone troubleshooting of your alarm system
  • Alarm upgrades including intercom, camera and remote entry systems

Holiday Services

  • Taking out and in of garbage bins
  • Checking mail when asked
  • Increased patrols past your home

For holiday notifications, service bookings, installations or upgrade information, please contact the Bingara Gorge Security Team via email.

To contact the Patrol Guards directly, please call 0409 145 000.