Community Association Committees

Community Association Committees

Community Association Committees play an important role in the administration of any community scheme, Bingara Gorge is no exception.

Association Committees are made up of lot owners who volunteer their time to assist with the administration duties of a functioning Community Scheme. The lot owners who become their schemes representatives on these committees are voted in at the Annual General Meetings.

In Bingara Gorge there are several committees, being the overarching Bingara Gorge Association Committee, as well as a Precinct Committee for each Precinct. Presently, all Precincts in Bingara Gorge have a representative on the Community Association scheme, however as Bingara Gorge continues to develop and more Precincts this will change due to legislative requirements having a maximum of 9 representatives on each committee.

Current Structure of Bingara Gorge 

Introducing your Community Representatives:

Lot owners are welcome to contact their precinct representatives with questions, concerns, and positive suggestions to have them considered. Each committee has elected members to oversee the emails on behalf of the precinct.

Precinct & DPEmail
Bingara Gorge Community 
Pembroke –
Fairways –
Greenbridge –
Highlands –
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Fairways Views –

Please be respectful when communicating with your representatives as they are volunteers who wish to do their best for their community. The Association Members may at times liaise with Clublinks on your behalf, should they need, to best respond to your enquiry.

Sub Committees

There are several Sub Committees in Bingara Gorge who focus on specific topics. A Sub Committee main goal is to research, produce proposals, oversee specific contracts as and when needed.

The current Sub Committees in Bingara Gorge are:

  • Landscaping Sub Committee
  • Safety & Security Sub Committee
  • Social & Community Engagement Sub Committee

Some Sub Committees are short term projects, where others are ongoing. If you have questions or which to join a Sub Committee please email or call 4630 8500 (opt 2)