Relaxing ‘COVID 19’ playing conditions

2020 saw the implementation of modified golf rules in response to COVID 19, to help reduce the risk of community transmission. The COVID 19 modified golf rules are now being relaxed at Bingara Gorge Golf Course in alignment with NSW Government COVID 19 easing of restrictions – which was implemented Monday 7thDecember. We thought this week would be an appropriate time to follow suit and reinstate some of the modified playing conditions that have been in place for some months now. These modifications have formed part of our ‘COVID Safety Plan’ for Bingara Gorge Golf, and also satisfied Lendlease EHS requirements.

Bunker rakes have already been reinstated into all bunkers, and play as it lies in bunkers will be enforced. New cups will be installed this week and removing the flag stick will be an individual choice of the golfer as per the rules of golf. Swapping score cards will be at the choice of each golfer – some may not want to which is still ok or continue to use the Bingara Gorge Golf APP. For extra safety precautions we will also put out hand sanitizer bottles at key locations on the golf course.

This planning and readiness to act has been on our radar for a few weeks as we kept a close eye on COVID 19 updates as they arose. Implementation of the above is immediate.

We always strive to provide the best golfing experience at Bingara Gorge Golf and are very pleased to announce a ‘closer to normal’ experience.