Monthly Golf Course Update – Dec 2022

Please see below for what’s been happening at Bingara Gorge Golf Course during December.

  • We have endured mild temperatures with some mornings down to 9 degrees. The December rainfall for the month so far, is only 2.29mm over 3 days. The 2022 YTD total at Bingara Gorge is 1838mm.
  • A final topdressing of sand to the golf greens was carried out in early December and deemed a success. This will assist with the trueness and firmness of the greens, enhancing the final surface.
  • Frequent cutting and rolling will increase green speed over the coming days and weeks.  
  • Due to golfer feedback, the Blue tee markers have been moved further back towards the black tees to compensate for the extra ball run on the fairways.
  • Fairways have recently been aerated to soften up the fairways and promote grass growth.
  • New Flags have been installed across the relevant holes.
  • The concrete pathways have continued to be laid throughout the golf course. Holes 5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,18 all have new pathways installed.
  • The concrete pathway from the tunnel to the 17th tees has opened to allow easier cart access to these tees. Please note the 15th pathway is still closed.
  • Backfilling of pathway edges are continuing, as fill material becomes available.
  • Distance Marker options are continuing to be reviewed for installation around the golf course. This will be finalised shortly.
  • The upgrade of the irrigation system is continuing at Holes 1-6 as the weather allows works to be carried out. The irrigation system is required to be tested from time to time during the day with sprinklers popping up as we progress around the course.