Monthly Golf Course Update – Apr 2023

Please see below for what’s been happening at Bingara Gorge Golf Course during April.

As the temperature begins to cool moving further into the autumn the team has been shifted its focus and has begun its seasonal grub/ beetle control. We’ve also tested the greens profile with some promising results as we strive to ensure the course is an its best condition all year round.

Seasonal pest control

Pesticides are applied across both the tees and the greens at this time of year to prevent the emergence of larvae which can damage turf in the spring time.

Testing of the greens

Testing of the greens profile took place and the results were very pleasing. The root profile on some greens was over 150mm which is well above industry standard and represents healthy greens.

We appreciate the greens have been running a little softer and slower over the last couple of months. This is as a result of the warmer weather and therefore we have maintained extra water on the greens to ensure longevity and prevent burn out. As the weather cools the height of the cut will be dropped and the speed of the greens will increase.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Golf Operations Team at or phone (02) 4630 8500