Monthly Golf Course Update – Nov 2022

Please see below for what’s been happening at Bingara Gorge Golf Course during November. 

  • 2022 has been a truly exceptional year of rainfall within Greater Sydney. It only took 279 days (Oct 6) to break the city’s annual rainfall record of 2194mm from 1950, with annual data available back to 1859. At Bingara Gorge this record rainfall has been kind to us during the month of November with the total for the month being 38mm and the YTD total being 1826mm.
  • The couch grass on the golf course has responded well to this warmer & dryer weather. The days have still been mild in some cases with minimum temperatures down to 5 degrees over a few days.
  • The height of cut on the fairways has been raised thanks to golfer feedback. This grass height will continue to be monitored, based on seasonal growth.
  • Renovations to the golf greens were deemed a success with all greens being cored using 15mm hollow tynes and then top-dressed with new sand. A final light dust in / top-dress is due to be performed next week. This will assist with the trueness and firmness of the greens, enhancing the final finish.
  • During the month of December several fairways will be aerated using solid tyne spikes to relieve hard pan areas and generate summer growth.
  • The concrete pathways have continued to be laid around the golf course. Holes 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,18 all have new pathways installed.
  • Beautification of several areas on the course has commenced with several native rough areas being mown & tidied up under the guidance of Metro. Several garden areas have received a clean-up with new plants installed. These garden bed beautification works will continue around the course.
  • New flags & flagpoles have been installed out on the greens being all red in colour & the other colour being all white.
  • Distance Marker options are currently being reviewed for installation around the golf course. This will be finalised shortly.
  • We are continuing to upgrade the irrigation system as the weather allows works to be carried out. The irrigation system is required to be tested from time to time during the day with sprinklers popping up as we progress around the course.

Should you have any questions about the works, please don’t hesitate to contact the Golf Operations Team at or phone (02) 4630 8500