Golf Update – ‘No Play Zones’

No play zone – A no play zone is defined as part of either an abnormal course condition or a penalty area.

You may already be aware that we have ‘No Play Zones’ – defined by red stakes with a green top. These areas are environmentally sensitive or conservation areas. Unfortunately, golf cannot be played from these areas. You  are however, permitted to enter the area to retrieve a golf ball.

The Updates
As of 6/6/20 – All red stake with a green top areas are now ‘No Play Zones – abnormal ground condition’ (Rule 16). The only exception is when playing the 16th hole where all red peg and red peg with green top areas are either penalty areas or ‘No play’ penalty areas.

Please also note 2 keys points, if you:

  • cannot find the ball in the abnormal ground condition area – point of entry is used as a relief point.
  • Can find your ball in the abnormal ground condition area – nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole from where the ball lies can be used as a relief point.

 *As this is a summary, please make yourself aware of the relevant rules and all options available to you when playing.

A no play – Penalty area does not have a ‘nearest point of relief’ option. (Rule 17). No play penalty areas are now defined by red stakes with silver tops (with the below exception when playing the 16th hole).