Golf Update – Course Now Open

Dear All,
Bingara Gorge Golf Course is now open, 2nd of April 2020 at 8am. As per previous advice, updated strict social distancing and gathering rules must be adhered to and can be seen below;

1. The golf team hours will be reduced where only a single team member will be on site from 8:00am to 4:00pm 7 days a week. With strict rules for gathering, this means one person in the golf shop at a time with a staff member. Please wait at the door to be called in.

2. Competition golf is now in play during modified opening hours. Social golf is also available 7 days a week during the reduced operating hours.
3. Groups of two players maximum, unless all players are from the same household (max 4), whilst maintaining social distancing. Time sheets have been modified and are reflective of groups of 2 bookings. Household groups + 1 are not allowed.

4. There is now a restriction on Residents guests to play golf – Maximum 1 guest per playing resident. You cannot sign in / bring a guest and not play with them.
5. Cart hire will not be offered to golfers. Walking is permissible.
Resident privately owned carts are still allowed to be used on the course, following one person per cart only rules in place for non-household members. Following the updated guidelines, members of the same household may travel in a cart together.

6. No spectators are allowed, all participants must be ‘exercising’. This also means a member of your household in a privately owned cart cannot come along for a ride to watch.

7. Club hire will not be offered to golfers.
8. Golf shop café – The golf shop café is currently open daily for takeaway coffee and basic beverage and snack items only, within the adjusted hours.
Please call the golf shop before entering any part of the golf course, as disruptions to normal activity may be in place. Calling ahead also helps us mange where people are at particular times and will assist in spreading people out as best we can. 

We look forward to seeing you on the course soon.