Footy tipping competition

Bingara Gorge Footy Tipping Competition

Welcome to the Bingara Gorge Footy Tipping Competition 2021.

Challenge your fellow Bingara Gorge residents and the Communities Team for the top prize and bragging rights for the 2021 footy season.

Great prizes on offer for top three placements and wooden spoon! Weekly ladder updates will be included in the Bingara Living emails. This competition includes both NRL and AFL leagues.

Follow the link to join this competition league – password is required to join “bingaragorge”.

Ladders and Scoring:

  • Joker Rounds – In a joker round your score is doubled. You have 1 joker to allocate to any game of the season.
  • All Correct Bonus – Get all your tips correct in a round and add 5 bonus points to your regular score.
  • Rankings – Tippers will be ranked by points and margin, so each person has a unique ranking. i.e. if there are 30 tippers, each will be ranked 1 to 30.
  • This competition is open to the residents of the Bingara Gorge estate, Wilton NSW 2571. Staff (Communities at Bingara and Bingara Gorge Golf Course Teams) are not eligible for any prizes in this competition. (They are however eligible for bragging rights should they ‘win’.)