Buzz Buzz

We have something very exciting to share with our golfers and residents of Bingara Gorge. We have some new friends on site – BEES!

As pictured below we now have some newly installed beehives in the native grass area on the golf course that sits near the 10th, 17th, and 18th holes. This site was chosen as there is a large buffer zone of long grass and shrubs between the playable golf course areas where people may walk. As bees leave their hives in search of pollen, there flight path climbs quite quickly, and should have no interaction with people.

These particular beehives belong to one of our new residents, Ben H. The hives will be cared for and looked after by Ben, a registered beekeeper with the DPI. 

Honeybees play an essential role in agriculture, not only producing honey and beeswax but also pollinating a vast number of food crops. In Australia, 35 industries are dependent on honeybee pollination for most of their production.

Without bees, some of our favourite fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables would not make it from the farm to our plates.

Bees have a very important role in our environment, and we are super excited to support a great initiative by providing them a new home.

Lastly, please do not approach the hives or enter the surrounding area. If you do need medical attention please call staff immediately on 4630 8500 or in case of an emergency dial 000.